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good wednesday morning thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze, i drove in at 50 miles per hour this morning. >> whoa! >> major story live team coverage coming up. >> it was that wet. >> i know. even kristen sze slows down when it is slick on the roads. let's check in with mike. >> you need to drive 30 coming in. it is very wet outside we'll talk to sue in a minute there has been issues with ponding, even flooding where storm drains haven't been cleaned
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out. here's the overall picture, scattered light showers in the north bay heavier rain through the heart of the bay now, all of 101 getting light rain to sausalito. east bay around walnut creek towards alamo, danville and san ramon, oakley and berkeley some of the better radar returns off san francisco daly city and colma, south of the san mateo bridge especially dumbarton bridge healthier returns now moving into san jose more in the mountains heading your way over the next 25 to 35 minutes. we are not out of the woods yet. let's find out about that traffic. going slower is a good idea this morning thanks mike. good morning. a lot of standing water, flooding, pooling, wet roads live look at bay bridge toll, traffic is light, definitely wet out there, several problems, first eastbound 580 past greenville, "sig alert", big rig jackknife three lanes
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blocked, getting away towards i-5 you may want to wait a bit. also, westbound 84 past 880 on dumbarton coming into fremont, car in the median, a lot of standing water give yourself extra time. we are used to the crush of people flying home before thanksgiving causing delays. the rainy weather will undoubtedly cause longer waits on an extremely busy travel day. terry mcsweeney is live at sfo. >> reporter: right now according to the sfo duty manager, there is no impact on flights because of the weather. the rain is coming down, as it did yesterday. yesterday there were 81 cancellations here, but they are hoping, today's weather is going to be a little better, get more flights you. today, always called the busiest travel of the day year it is not. take a look at some people who still have a regard for this
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day. they came out so early they had time to sleep before their flight. again, 81 cancellations yesterday, most of them short hauls, regional flights few people forced to stay here overnight. busiest travel day of this week, sunday, the second is last friday today is third place, still very busy and people aware of its reputation got out here early. >> i just happened to set my alarm a little early and got here too early now i'm just waiting. >> i haven't gone to sleep. i've been up since 7:45, my flight is at 6:45, i'm here early because i thought there was going to be lines. turns out they are not even open yet. >> reporter: very healthy regard for this day getting out to the airport 11 hours before her flight. she is a dancer.
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i asked if she could give us a thanksgiving dance and she said no, she slightly injured. we have the information you need which is, one to two hour delays common yesterday, duty manager hoping the weather is better. live at sfo, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. certainly not dancing for joy travelers getting into and out of l.a. international airport delays by protests officials at l.a.x. advising pangs to give themselves a three hour cushion and extra 90 minutes to get there. a short time ago crowds arriving for one of the busiest travel days of the year, 1,000 airport workers and supporters plan to march today to protest terminated union contracts and elimination of health insurance. holiday flights at us airways expected to continue without a
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glitch and hitch despite vote authorization strike by flight attendants locked in a contract dispute over pay and benefits union leaders say they will continue mediation, a federal mediator would have to declare an up pass before any strike can happen. the coroner's office will conduct an autopsy on a man believed to have died after falling down a slippery hillside near the rock ridge shopping center last night reports he may have slipped down the cliff behind his home while searching for his cat, his body was found 1:00 this morning in the 80 foot deep quarry. officials say the cat was found safe an hour into the search. this morning oakland police investigating cause of fatal coll collision last name between amtrak -- amtrak train and pedestrian near 105th and eve avenue the victim was
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pronounced dead at the scene amtrak train was en route from sacramento san jose, 160 onboard none of them were injured. the victim has not been identified. new level of violence in the mideast this morning a devastating explosion on a bus in tel aviv. this comes as secretary of state clinton is on overdrive meeting with israeli and hamas leaders to stop the blood schett. -- the bloodshed. >> reporter: the bus explosion just breaking, israel's deputy prime minister is calling it an escalation in the conflict. the bomb went off on the bus across from the military headquarters in tel aviv. cnn is reporting it was not a suicide bombing that someone left the device on the bus. hamas is not claiming responsibility, but is praising the attack. israeli rescue services says at least 10 injured, three critically. missiles continue to fly between israel and gaza, the death toll in gaza keeps rising, more than 130
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palestinians have been killed. still, both israeli and hamas leaders say they would welcome peace. >> this is a possibility of achieving a long term solution to this problem, through diplomatic means, we would prefer that. if not, i'm sure you understand that israel will have to take whatever action is necessary to defend its people. >> let me say, we are open for all the diplomatic efforts in order to make an end for this crisis, but we are also prepared to do what we are supposed to do in order to protect our people and the future of our children. >> secretary of state clinton back in jerusalem right now, meeting with israeli prime minister netanyahu again. she was in the west bank yesterday with palestinian president abbas. later today, clinton is scheduled to travel to cairo where world leaders are working to broker a cease-fire. katie marzullo, abc7 news. the people for the ethical treatment of animals asking
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the white house to forego what it calls an outdated thanksgiving tradition. the head of peta wants president obama to skip today's turkey pardoning ceremony saying it makes light of the mass slaughter of 47 million birds. peta is asking americans to forego meat. the president is set to pardon cobbler or gobbler 10 a.m. today. a food bank is still short the number of turkeys it needs. we've been telling you about sacred heart for several days. today volunteers will be handing out the last of 4200 food boxes. organizers say they still need 200 more turkeys. to find out how you can help, go to click on see it on tv. >> a lot of help to be had. this morning, were you joking about me driving 50 miles per hour.
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i bet a lot of folks are doing the same. some of that rain is heavy at times. >> some are slowing down, kristen drove 50 in reverse out of her driveway. it is wet, glad to see kristen slowed and i know you will too this morning. we'll talk to see in a second to find out what is in store. radar-wise ponding on the roads everybody is dealing with slick streets this morning, they are all wet. storms still coming from the southwest to northeast. cold front jut now moving through the north bay. -- just now moving through the north bay. chunk of energy comes flying in, energizing the front slowing it down that's why we are still having healthy rain around san mateo bridge and south also into the east bay. showers definitely going to linger, especially south bay through 7:00, noon, another chance of a scattered showers
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definitely 'tis drying trend by then, sunny pockets 4:00. have a jacket this evening it is going to get cold quickly already in the low to mid 50s by 7:00. here's a look at the next three days, starting tomorrow, dry and brighter for thanksgiving. chilly friday morning, by the afternoon hours mid to upper 60s and we'll do it again saturday. here's sue. san mateo bridge, live shot, hard to see the rain reflecting off the lens of the camera tail lights towards foster city. traffic light, wet and raining in san mateo. "sig alert" in east bay area of livermore past livermore eastbound 580 past greenville jacknifed big rig three lanes blocked big problem especially noncommute direction heading out of town towards i-5 that is going to delay you, as you leave the altamont pass area. may want to wait a little bit until they get that cleared.
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elsewhere westbound 84 off the dumbarton past 880 car into the median there. north 101 in cortamadera accident at tamalpais take extra care san mateo south 101 at third overturned suv blocking left lane. 5:11. next, local official accused of living the good life on the taxpayer's dime why he's asking the public to ignore the allegations against him. last second move by local basketball star that will keep a holiday tradition from a holiday tradition from t's play:
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heart health? [ ding! ] my omega 3s never skip a beat. how 'bout muscles? [ ding! ] i have protein and revigor to protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. [ ding! ding! ding! ] that's a winner! ensure complete! [ female announcer ] the four-in-one nutrition of ensure complete. a simple choice to help you eat right. [ major nutrition ] ensure complete. nutrition in charge. welcome back. look towards downtown san francisco, a little light rain in san francisco, live doppler, there is definitely rain north of 80 this morning, even snow, some of that starting to dip south. if you are heading to the sierra, winter weather advisory above 7,000 feet, take the changes, looks like donner pass and echo summit
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snowbound through the morning hours. 5:15. questions about credit card expenditures are prompting calls for the president of the board of supervisors in santa clara county to resign. supervisor george shirakawa is under fire, being audited for the way he uses his county issued credit card or p-card as it is called. expense reports show, first class upgrades for air travel. dining out. even golf ex-kwur shuns attack pair expense. shirakawa refused to answer questions but talked about changes to card policies superintendent advisers say audit of his $36,000 in expense reimbursements needs to be presented to the board as soon as possible. shirakawa says he's cooperating and will have more to say in the future. san francisco board of have advisers has ok'd a measure clearing the way for building apartments that are not bigger than parking spaces the board approved a pilot program that lowers square footage requirements of apartments in the city.
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the board also approved a resolution supporting waterfront arena for the warriors. resolution states the project is fiscally viable also calls for an environmental report on the traffic. 49ers have first tenants for their new stadium. the game has been played at at&t park since it began in 2002, features eight pack 12 team and opponent from conference like the big ten. -- organizers say it should help the bowl game. >> we think this beautiful venue, increase seating and revenue potential it provides is going to allow us to attract better teams, secure more sponsors and grow the game game. >> bowl game is one of several events that the team expects to host at the new stadium. bay area basketball star,
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this is team work, >> bay area basketball star helps make sure hundreds enjoy a holiday feast, annual tradition almost didn't happen. until warrior forward david lee chipped in $20 few,000 to ensure this dinner would go ahead in year. -- >> wanted to make a positive contribution to the bay area something i was happy to do. >> mayor quan was also among the volunteer service. besides the meal brown bags, donations still needed to make that effort a success, $12 pays for a bag that will provide more than a dozen meals. great idea. congratulations david for thinking of that. >> donating his money, also time. >> thank you for the assist. did you see how fast -- >> that's it. >> magic johnson. >> just like she drives. >> oh! it is okay, a lot of people
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will be driving to their grandma's. >> slower. >> roads are going to be slick or drying off? >> you set the precedent, you slowed and everybody else will too. great advice from kristen because of the wet weather. whether you are traveling to grandma's or people coming to your it is going to be wet for the better part of the morning even once the rain stops going to take a while for moisture to evaporate, healthy rain in san francisco, nearly an inch, you can see the -- [ inaudible ] live doppler from oakland through st. mary's, moraga over to marsh creek road, into oakley and brentwood where we have a healthy rain as radar just updated greens, dublin san ramon, livermore healthier rain fremont, milpitas increasing rain especially
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across 237 over to sunnyvale, down the lorenz expressway, sunnyvale to cupertino, campbell, better chance of rain, saratoga avenue, rainbow drive, getting wet now, los altos. rainfall totals past 24 hours, a little over an inch and quarter in san rafael, nearly an inch in napa and santa rosa in oakland, nearly an inch in san francisco. south of that, less than a third of an inch you are getting rain now, mid 50s to 60s as you step out, the same around the monterey bay. today showers end noon, chilly tonight watch out for patchy fog and dry thanksgiving through the weekend. cold front hung up moving through, slowed considerably, that's why we are still seeing the rain now, still seeing
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heavier amounts of rain rolling through the south bay through 9:00, then noon our last chance of a scattered shower into the afternoon and evening, clouds open up, drier, colder air comes in, fog forms, north bay and east bay valleys that will fade by 10:00 tomorrow, mostly sunny for our thanksgiving. temperatures about the same as today, low to mid 60s. we head into friday, mid to upper 60s, friday morning, if you are out there shopping, it something going to be chilly, 30s and four in most neighborhoods low to mid 60s sunday, monday, tuesday of next week. san jose northbound 87, past hp pavillion you are in light traffic headlights moving at the limit, no delays. extra time would be key this morning. to the bay bridge light traffic, wet conditions, light upper deck into san francisco no metering lights yet.
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couple problem spots i-5 you are going to be delayed over the altamont pass eastbound 580 past greenville, jacknifed big rig blocking three left lanes, chp has issued a "sig alert." another "sig alert" san francisco southbound 280 before 101 this was a truck fire, the fire is out truck still blocking two left lanes southbound what -- southbound 280 before the 101 split. san mateo overturned suv blocking left lane, north 238 fly over to 880 accident right lane. a lot of accidents out there. once again slow speeds, lots of time. 5:22. fishing is very good in stockton special sea lions, every few days a sea lion appears in downtown stockton,
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plenty of fish along the waterfront. he's surrounded by seagulls the birds are there to get any piece of fish the sea lion might leave behind. two more stars get the boot on "dancing with the stars." that leaves three in a unique situation. his coach told him to go for it, so he did. forget shaq, jack is the king of the basketball world this morning. we'll show you why.
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welcome back. we are on storm watch, 5:25 on this wednesday low clouds around san francisco especially south heavier rain is rolling now as we look at live doppler, our best radar returns are from about the san mateo bridge south into the east bay, looks like the east bay valleys and south bay are going to have heavier rain over the next couple of hours watch out there if you are heading out. get ready for ladies night at "dancing with the stars."
5:26 am
last two males fell victim to last night's double elimination. ono and his partner were the first semifinalists to go. minutes later, emmitt smith and his partner cheryl saw their dreams dashed. >> this is a competition and you have to ask yourself give it all? i can say i gave it all i could give. >> i was proud, to me that's what a champion is. >> apollo and emmett reveal who they want to see win coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. it is now down to the women, shawn johnson, kelley monaco and melissa rycroft. first time the final three are women. >> some of us can remember when wilt chamberlain scored 100 points in a game in
5:27 am
morning, college basketball, his name is jack taylor from iowa, last night he scored 138 points, he took 108 shots from the field, making 52, dropped in 27 three-pointers shattered the old ncaa scoring mark of 113 points 1954 it is a division three school. they won 179-104. taylor credited his teammates. he says his mom, dad and girlfriend saw the game. he said the coach told him to take the shots. >> and he did. amazing. 5:27. next, workers going back to work at the port of oakland the impact of the short strike could last for days. search for a missing man comes to a interest end. how he ended up in a water
5:28 am
filled quarry. if you are traveling today, 50s and 60s from the rockies into new england, 40s around seattle 47 there, 50 portland, 80s phoenix, 70s gulf coast into florida. couple areas of concern, mainly chicago, fog there, delays through chicago or midway. rain in san francisco, in about 30 minutes they are going to let us know how long those delays are and we'll let you
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good morning on this wednesday at 5:30 this is the gateway to your thanksgiving. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. pavement is wet, you slowed down 15, 20 miles an
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hour on your way in. >> yeah at least some of that rain is really heavy. let's start with live doppler, good morning, better returns in the east bay, back through the south bay towards the monterey bay starting to see a little tapering of the heavier rain in the north bay, light rain in most areas you can see around walnut creek and alamo across mount diablo towards oakley, brentwood, basco to livermore better radar returns, sporadic returns on east bay shore none on the peninsula now just drizzle for you, best chance along 17 from los gatos into san jose towards milpitas where we are seeing our best radar returns. we are going to have rain through the morning commute, then it should taper by noon. good morning. looking at the bay bridge toll
5:32 am
taxi back up in the commute lane very, very dangerous, you can see blinking lights and the car making its way around towards the toll that's dangerous stuff headed westbound on the bay bridge past that no metering lights light on upper deck "sig alert" still in effect altamont pass, after the pass eastbound 580 past greenville, jacknifed big rig blocking three lanes. southbound 280 before 101 san francisco earlier car fire out still blocking two left lanes pardon me truck fire flooding on peninsula cause of this overturn accident southbound 101 in san mateo. this morning marin county residents are keeping a close eye on the rain worried homes will flood. redwood mobile home park in green bay sits below sea level people have -- in greenbrae,
5:33 am
sits below sea level. they say they usually flood when there's a combination of lots of rain and high tide. slick roads blocked storm drains, amy hollyfield is live at the bay bridge toll with her hood up so i guess it is raining out there. >> reporter: it -- so -- it still is, it is a light rain we are still getting wet out here watching traffic as well not impacted too terribly this is getaway day for a lot of people toll plaza looks fine. cars are zipping through without problems. video overnight, bay area got a good soaking overnight, chp said it was busy, lots of calls coming in, nothing major they were busy, caltrans as well was responding to a lot of calls of standing water and areas where people needed help getting the highways clear.
5:34 am
they say it has tapered off a bit. i checked on twitter, a lot of people are talking about the rain some visiting the bay area for thanksgiving enjoying the rain, appreciating going to sleep listening to it. if rain isn't your thing, we have a beautiful day in store for tomorrow the forecast calls for a beautiful thanksgiving. if today is your getaway day we hope you will drive slowly and carefully, it is very wet out here. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:34. wet weather is also expected to cause delays at san francisco international airport, travelers are expected to depart for their thanksgiving holiday are or be picked up, incoming flights delayed 90 minutes last night, heavy traffic getting into and out of the airport even by midnight. crowds are expected all over the nation for air as well as ground travelers. rob nelson has more on that. >> reporter: --
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>> terry mcsweeney will have more from sfo in the next half hour. millions of americans are gearing up for what aaa has declared the business travel day of the year, fierce weather system will make for tough travel in the northwest flight delays are not like to ripple across the country because none of the hubs are being affected by storms. amtrak is adding extra trains, including here in california. stay with abc7 news throughout the morning for continuing coverage of the storm track with it our live doppler any time, developing news, man is dead after falling down a slippery hillside into a water filled rock quarry in oakland. crews began searching for the man around 7:00 last night at the quarry near the rock ridge shopping center. they were told he may have fallen behind his home while looking for his cat. his body was found by a dive team 1:00 this morning in the
5:36 am
80 foot deep quarry officials say the cat was found an hour into the search near the man's home. 26-year-old murder suspect accused of a violent crime spree in san jose is scheduled to be in court today. jonathan wilbanks was arrested last friday officer suffered minor injury. wilbanks and another suspect, still on the loose, suspected of killing 2-year-old rory park -- killing 22-year-old rory parkpetty ford 20,000 reward is being offered. in a few hours u.s. interior secretary salazar will visit a controversial oyster farm, next week he's expected to announce a decision on whether to allow the company to continue operating there. its lease way allows the company to grow and harvest oysters is set to expire the end of this month.
5:37 am
the park service claims the farm is harming the environment and wants it closed. review in august found the park services environmental review lacked strong scientific support. this morning, union member are going back to work at the port of oakland following a one-day strike picketers blocked trucks for most of the day yesterday. truckers say with holiday delivery so heavy big rig traffic into the port could be backed up several days. one-day strike was over stalled contract talks. both sides have agreed to go back to the negotiating table. the port says it needs to cut expenses, especially pay and benefits to workers the union wants to see the port's financial records. >> trucks at the port may face delay because of the rain. let's check in with mike.
5:38 am
definitely light in the north bay, lightning along the coast and peninsula, starting to see an uptick from light to moderate, mountain view down to 2 1/2, healthy amount of rain, three to four miles in the east bay valleys, hayward and oakland improvement sf and north bay where the lighter rain is. winds south of the south, front has not made it through yet, it is a lifting mechanism, convergence area for this air to come together and create showers. showers will hang around through 7:00, a last chance around noon then start to see the sunshine breakthrough the clouds this afternoon, low to mid 50s 7:00, upper 50s at the coast mid 60s for rest of us, back to the low to mid 50s by 7:00, quick turn around one the sun sets,.
5:39 am
after fog thursday, friday morning, chilly temperatures, mid and upper 60s will continue through the weekend. >> good morning. "sig alert" eastbound 580 past the altamont pass north greenville, you can see by our waze app traffic eastbound is bumper-to-bumper reporting big rig jacknifed big rig blocking three, four left lanes of traffic headed eastbound speeds of less than five miles an hour, you can see the yellow is westbound normal commute, also very, very slow. download this free app to navigate your commute. elsewhere, a couple of accidents, busy morning, "sig alert" in san francisco, earlier truck fire out, still blocking two lanes southbound 280. flooding water, southbound 101 san mateo past third, reason for an overturn still blocking left lane there.
5:40 am
southbound 6 0 past mission six-car accident cleared, emergency crews with ambulance on scene. 5:40. next, san francisco supervisors lay down the law against public nudity. as the votes came in, the clothes came off. a judge throws a monkey wrench into wal-mart's plan to
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welcome back. here's 87 in the south bay near hp pavillion, raining, it rained a pretty good clip there a second ago now that storm has moved to the south and east, you can see it around center road, east capitol expressway, silver creek valley road, 101 and 80 come together down there or 85 where the heavier rain is falling in the south bay now. just about 5:44. getting naked on the streets of san francisco is closer to being against the law. board of supervisors narrowly approved ordinance banning public nudity the vote followed hours of debate. minutes after the vote, there
5:44 am
was a unique protest. >> i would not have gotten naked at city hall if they hadn't tried to ban nudity which is a wonderful form of free expression. >> we are a city that believes in freedom and we've always believed in freedom and free expression, but taking your pants off at castro and market and displaying your genitals to everyone is not free expression. >> the supervisors will take one final vote next month. the law does have exceptions for events like the street fair and beta breakers. opponents say it violates civil rights. shoppers who decide to brave wal-mart stores thank night could be welcomed by someone other than the usually greeter. protesters plan to picket 1,000 locations for black friday. wal-mart is trying to get a last minute injunction to block the protest. labor officials don't expect a decision today saying the situation is complex.
5:45 am
wal-mart does not recognize an official workers union and claims the planned picketing is illegal. the union-backed group says it wants to inform customers about low wages and unfair conditions for wal-mart employees. we've compiled a list of stores opening as early as thanksgiving on you can browse black friday sale ads look under see it on tv. timer may be about to go off at hostess, bloomberg business report, next. brazen theft caught on video. are your delivered packages as safe as you think? tips on protecting yourself from getting ripped off. surprising announcement about birth control. new policy obgyn's are recommending. a baby born with part of her heart outside of he
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. wet weather from san jose to mammoth up to the oregon border, high elevation snow also, tapering towards the afternoon hours temperatures near 60 around eureka, chico, 67 sacramento, 70 fresno. will hit sun and warmer weather, -- 70 l.a., 83 palm
5:49 am
springs, tahoe still have winter weather advisory for another two to five inches of snow above 7,000 feet. gusts could come from the south up to 65 miles per hour. 5:49. david petraeus' image is taking a hit. his popularity has dropped since the sex scandal. still more americans see him favorably than unfavorably according to a new poll. it shows 45% see petraeus favorably over all, 1010 points from march 2011. 16 points from his peak in september 2007. 32% see him unfavorably, a new high. fremont police warning residents to be aware of protecting their packages they are looking for a female suspect who stole packages from the front of a home
5:50 am
caught on tape as she approached the home soon after a ups delivery she took the package with a bag of canned goods left for a charity collection if you are going out of town for the holidays, police are promoting a courtesy security check. >> volunteers provide courtesy, vacation security checks, anybody can sign up, any time of the year, we are really promoting it this week. >> you can fan out more about the service at the department's -- you can find out more about the service at the department's website, they can organize a security check this week if you sign up by today. the champion giants proving they have big hearts answered the call to help fill food bank shelves with a $10,000 check enough to pay for remaining turkeys. the day after thanksgiving is orange and black friday for giants' fans. season tickets go on sale next
5:51 am
season this friday, get individual tickets as well those are great stocking stuffers. >> very nice. >> that's what we are getting? thank you so much! >> how you did know i brought my stocking today. >> i don't know. we know each other so well. >> you are so generous. >> definitely embodies the thanksgiving spirit. >> don't we need to find someone new to pick on today? >> it has been fun so far. >> after 7 a.m. we'll find somebody else. serious stuff, all kidding aside we are having fun this morning, hope you are too as we head towards thanksgiving. it is wet out there cars coming from marin across the golden gate bridge. live doppler 7 h d, best radar returns walnut creek, pleasant hill, concord highway 4, pittsburg, bay point, oakley, antioch, brentwood, down towards dublin and livermore
5:52 am
that's where we are seeing best radar returns. there's a lot of light blue and barely green on back side of mount diablo the storm is starting to lose a little energy. south bay tapered to light rain, even a drizzle, that's what we have in the north bay also. this moisture is going to keep us mild with mid 50s to around 60 the next couple of hours, same around the monterey bay, as we head into the afternoon, think the showers will taper by noon and then start to get some of that cooler, drier air in here for the evening and overnight hours which will plummet our temperatures into the 30s and 40s tonight tomorrow morning could be tricky in that sense, dry thanksgiving through the weekend. front getting hung up, small chunk of energy rode across it this morning that brought heavy rain along the coast up to an inch and quarter to nearly an inch in
5:53 am
san francisco, 3/4 of an inch in napa, san -- santa rosa and oakland that was the heaviest amount falling overnight. 7:00 the front finally starting to make leeway across the bay, by noon exiting south bay, with the sun a stray shower possible, by 5:00 gone, need the coat, 40s and 50s this evening. best area for the fog north bay and east bay valleys, mostly sunny thanksgiving, few high clouds, sunshine, die, low to mid 60s. -- dry, low to mid 60s. friday, saturday, 30s, 40s, mid to upper 60s in the afternoon, low to mid 60s sunday, monday, tuesday. good morning. wednesday, getaway day, steady stream of traffic 80 westbound towards the macarthur maze no stalls or accidents, a lot of them around the bay area three
5:54 am
separate "sig alert"s according to your traffic app, waze app this is eastbound 580, noncommute direction, getaway direction heading to i-5 jacknifed big rig "sig alert" one three delays blocked north greenville eastbound. westbound commute is also slowing from the central valley up and over the altamont pass, 580 jammed towards the altamont pass. southbound 280 before 101 san francisco second "sig alert", former fire truck fire out still blocking two lanes. third alert san mateo south 101 past third flooding causing overturned suv blocking left lane still out there just about 5:55. we just got the new unemployment numbers out one day early because of thanksgiving tomorrow. >> number of people applying for benefits fell sharply last week when it hit an 18 month high driven by people who lost
5:55 am
work over superstorm sandy. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> good morning mediation with bakers' union failed, hostess will be back in court today asking a bankruptcy judge for permission to shutdown more than 18,000 workers could be out of a job unless they reach a last minute deal or investors buy the company's bran. cost -- company's brand. department of agriculture says prices go up next year when impact of this year's drought catches up, powell going up 4%, dairy more. if you are -- wondering what to get the kids for christmas you might think about an ipad, 48% of kids to 12 plan to ask santa for an ipad. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. major step with major ramifications for women young and old.
5:56 am
recommendation to make the contraceptive pill available over-the-counter. america's largest group of ob/ gyn's say the progesterone pill should be sold without prescriptions like condemns -- like condoms, fda would have approve it there are worries about the most popular form would become less affordable if it were no longer covered by insurance. baby girl in texas amazing her family and doctors as she recovers from a rare heart defect. the mother of an green that still hasn't been able to hold -- an drina still hasn't been able to hold her. her doctors in houston state condition is usually fatal great after surgeons created a space in her chest and row positioned her heart. she will need more surgery but is expected to come through in good health. 5:57. next, the thanksgiving travel rush is on.
5:57 am
we are live at sfo with how the storm is impacting travelers. >> also, waiting for word from 9ers coach harbaugh, will today be the day' dresses the quarterback controversy facing his team? >> -- >> apple's. pad may not be the newest gadget on th
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we are on storm watch overnight rain made driving difficult on bay area roads many mike is tracking the storm now with live doppler. >> will the rain cause delays for thanksgiving travels? live at sfo with what passengers are finding out. >> this morning -- [ inaudible ]

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